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Fantastic Books at unbelievable prices

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A Brief History of ViceA (Brief) History of Vice by Robert Evans

Pub. list price: $22.00

Our price: $6.99

A look at how mankind’s vices helped shape history. From a prostitute turned empress, to how a beer helped to create and destroy an empire, this is not your average history lesson.


Crypto-ZoologyCrypto-Zoology A to Z by Loren Coleman and Jerome Clark

Pub. list price: $19.99

Our Price: $6.99

Crypto-zoology is the study of hidden animals, and this book is the first encyclopedia of its kind. With over 200 entries on everything from the Loch Ness monster to Sasquatch!


The CellarThe Cellar by Minette Walters

Pub. list price: $18.00

Our price: $6.99

This psychological thriller tells the story of Muna, a young captive of the Songolis family. As you follow Muna through the story it becomes clear that she is far more cleaver then anyone anticipated, and has some terrifying plans of her own.


100 Most Important Science Ideas100 Most Important Science Ideas by Mark Henderson, Joanne Baker and Tony Crilly

Pub. list price: $16.95

Our price: $6.99

This book is an essential overview of science for anyone who is interested in the world around them. Featuring 100 of the most important scientific concepts from junk DNA to imaginary numbers, and written so that even someone without a scientific background can fully understand these complex concepts.


AsylumAsylum by Moriz Scheyer

Pub. list price: $36.50

Our price: $7.99

Moriz Scheyer was the art editor for one of Vienna’s principal newspapers, but that changed with the arrival of the Nazis, and in 1943 he began the first draft of what would later become this book. Telling the story of his life from Vienna, to unoccupied France to a French concentration camp, this book gives a vivid account of his extraordinary life.


Even More Things That Nobody KnowsEven More Things That Nobody Knows by William Hartston

Pub. list price: $25.00

Our price: $7.99

Covering topics from ‘Why do we have five fingers?’ to ‘What do otters talk about?’, this is a must have for anyone who’s ever wondered about all the things that nobody seems to know.


the Paradox of EvolutionThe Paradox of Evolution by Stephen Rothman

Pub. list price: $18.00

Our price: $7.99

Stephen Rothman argues that natural selection is about the survival of existing life but does not care about the future of life and by contrast that reproduction is only concerned with the future of life but has no interest in existing life. Rothman puts forward his argument eloquently and with passion, a must read for science lovers.


Fifty Foods That Changed the Course of HistoryFifty Foods That Changed the Course of History by Bill Price

Pub. list price: $29.95

Our price: $8.99

Organized into short chapters that give you the who, what, when, where and why for each food as well as the impact that food had on the different spheres of human civilization; cultural, social, commercial, political and military. This book will make a great addition to any kitchen.


waitdeadWait Until I’m Dead by Allen Ginsberg

Pub. list price: $24.00

Our price: $8.99

Over a hundred uncollected poems from Allan Ginsberg, spanning his entire 50 year career, accompanied by original photographs and explanatory notes.


Food For All SeasonsFood for All Seasons by Oliver Rowe

Pub. list price: $45.00

Our price: $9.99

Organized into the twelve months of the year and then into the main ingredient this book has wonderful recipes from honeycomb ice cream to cinder toffee apples and everything in between.

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