July Remainder Newsletter 2

Fantastic Books at unbelievable prices

Stock is limited at each location, and prices are only available while supplies last


The PoisonerThe Poisoner by Stephen Bates

Pub. list price: $24.95

Our price: $6.99

This book takes the reader on a journey into the life of Dr. William Palmer, who Charles Dickens described as “The greatest villain who ever stood trial at the Old Bailey”. This is a must read for both history buffs and true crime fans alike.


The Philosophical LifeThe Philosophical Life by James Miller

Pub. list price: $22.00

Our price: $6.99

The subtitle, Twelve great thinkers and the search for wisdom, from Socrates to Nietzsche, tells you everything you need to know about this book. It is a crash course on some of the greatest philosophers to ever live and their philosophies.


LoveLove Edited by Victoria Hislop

Pub. list price: $20.00

Our price: $6.99

This book is a collection of 34 stories of love, loss and life by women writers, including prize winners, famous feminists and rising stars. This is a book about love in all its forms, from happy to haunting and maternal to romantic.


TransitTransit by Rachel Cusk

Pub. list price: $29.99

Our price: $7.99

Transit is the follow up novel to the critically acclaimed novel Outline. This novel follows a writer as she moves to London with her two young boys in the wake of a family collapse. She must now deal with the aspects of life she has until now avoided. This novel is a must read for both long time readers of Rachel Cusk and new fans.


Behind the MaskBehind the Mask by Matthew Dennison

Pub. list price: $24.95

Our price: $7.99

The book takes readers into the extraordinary life of Vita Sackville-West, from her lonely childhood to her strange but affectionate marriage. A truly compelling story of love, loss and jealously, a captivating take on an amazing life.


The Looking Glass WarThe Looking Glass War by John le Carre

Pub. list price: $17.00

Our price: $7.99

This novel is a story of misplaced loyalties and innocence lost; The Looking Glass War follows a young agent, John Avery, who is tasked with infiltrating the East and restoring his masters’ former glory. A great read for espionage lovers and political thriller fans alike.


Half-EarthHalf-Earth by Edward O. Wilson

Pub. list price: $33.95

Our price: $8.99

In this book Edward Wilson argues that the only way to save the planet and ourselves is to set aside half of the Earth to be reclaimed by nature. Wilson argues with passion for his proposed solution to the problems facing the planet and believes that it is the only way to stave off mass extinctions including our own.


A History of Photography in 50 CamerasA History of Photography in 50 Cameras by Michael Pritchard

Pub. list price: $29.95

Our price: $8.99

This book takes readers on a journey into the history of photography and the camera. This book covers 180 years of the most iconic cameras and how they helped change the world of photography. With pictures of all fifty cameras included as well as some of the iconic photos they were used to take this book is a must have for art and photography lovers alike.


A Simple FeastA Simple Feast by Diana Yen and the Jewels of New York

Pub. list price: $32.95

Our price: $9.99

A wonderful cookbook that is sure to become a go to in any kitchen. Each recipe is presented with a story that helped inspire it and the cookbook is organized by the seasons to help you plan the perfect meal throughout the year.


BeesBees: A Natural History by Christopher O’Toole

Pub. list price: $40.00

Our price: $9.99

This is a wonderful book about everything you ever wanted to know about bees. Filled with beautiful pictures and wonderful information, this book covers everything from what are bees, to bees in folklore and everything in between.

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