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around the worldAround the World in 50 Years by Albert Podell

Pub. list price: $31.50

Our price: $7.99

Over the course of five decades, Albert Podell has visited every country on Earth. He has witnessed civil unrest, survived all types of natural disaster and dined on exotic fare ranging from dung beetles to monkey brains. This is his memoir of those experiences.


man who touched heartThe Man Who Touched His Own Heart by Rob Dunn

Pub. list price: $30.00

Our price: $7.99

This is the fascinating history of the human heart – from its ancient symbolic significance, to the first people to cut into corpses to discover its function, to modern medicine’s most impressive transplants.


shakespeare restlessShakespeare’s Restless World by Neil MacGregor

Pub. list price: $22.00

Our price: $7.99

Neil MacGregor, bestselling author of A History of the World in 100 Objects, brings Elizabethan London to life in this social history. Everything that concerned a Londoner at the time – from witches to theater snacks – is explored. He also highlights the objects that appear in the works of Shakespeare and their relevance to day-to-day life.


case for godThe Case For God by Karen Armstrong

Pub. list price: $22.00

Our Price: $7.99


From religious scholar Karen Armstrong, this book explores the role of religion in modern life. Less people are drawn to religion today than ever in the past. In this book, Armstrong looks at how that has happened and explains how faith can still work in a modern lifestyle.


wild ontarioAn Artist’s and Photographer’s Guide to Wild Ontario by Rob Stimpson and Craig Thompson

Pub. list price: $29.95

Our Price: $7.99

This guide provides all the information an artist needs to be inspired anywhere in Ontario. It profiles all the regions of Ontario, listing workshops and galleries of note and highlighting the best artists past and present who have worked there. The book is illustrated throughout with full colour photographs.



cathedral beeA Bee in a Cathedral by Joel Levy

Pub. list price: $29.95

Our price: $8.99

This is a beautiful reference book that uses analogies to explain complex scientific concepts. An example of one of the analogies presented: it would take a person 50 years to type the complete human genome. Another example: 5 trillion atoms can fit on the head of a single pin. Informative and engaging, this is an excellent refresher on the wonderful world of science.


cliveden mistressesThe Mistresses of Cliveden by Natalie Livingstone

Pub.list price: $42.00

Our price: $8.99

The long and scandalous history of Britain’s most infamous estate. Cliveden was built by Charles II’s Duke of Buckingham as a retreat for he and his mistress, the Countess of Shrewsbury. When her husband objected, he was killed in a duel with Buckingham. Since then, Cliveden has been the home of a number of other unforgettable women (including: the Countess of Orkney, mistress of William III; the Duchess of Sutherland, confidante of Queen Victoria; and Nancy Astor, first female member of Parliament) many of whom enjoyed their own fair share of high society scandal.


falling in loveFalling in Love by Donna Leon

Pub. list price: $26.00

Our price: $8.99

In this Guido Brunetti mystery, the inspector’s friend, the opera star Flavia Petrelli, is back in Venice. She is concerned over large lascivious gifts she’s been receiving from an anonymous fan. Wherever she is in the world, whatever city she performs in, huge bouquets of flowers turn up at her dressing room and apartment. When a singer she has become close to is savagely attacked, Brunetti realizes this stalking case is very serious indeed.


empire of sinEmpire of Sin by Gary Krist

Pub. list price: $31.00

Our price: $8.99

In the early days of the twentieth century, New Orleans was at war with itself – the wealthy upper class versus the city’s gritty underbelly. One man at the heart of this battle was Tom Anderson, a crime kingpin. This is the story of his operation and its struggle against the elites, politicians and moral reformers attempting to shut it down.


french country kitchensFrench Country Kitchen by Linda Dannenberg

Pub. list price: $35.00

Our price: $12.00

An inspirational tour through the kitchens of France! This book looks at dozens of kitchens throughout the different regions of the country, focusing on how the designs suit the functional requirements of their owners. This is a large sized hardcover richly illustrated throughout.


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