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Agent ZigzagAgent Zigzag by Ben Macintyre

Pub. list price: $17.00

Our price: $6.99

Eddie Chapman, “Agent Zigzag,” was one of the best double agents Britain had during WWII. He was also a criminal, con man and all around slippery character whose loyalties were never entirely certain. His biography, by the bestselling author of Operation Mincemeat and Double Cross, is a gripping real-life spy adventure.


Talking About Detective FictionTalking About Detective Fiction by P.D. James

Pub. list price: $17.50

Our price: $6.99

A guide to detective fiction from one of detective fiction’s best writers. P. D. James explores the history of the genre from Dickens to Dexter, discussing the elements of mystery, how they have evolved with time and how she employs them in her own work.


The Emperor's ShadowThe Emperor’s Shadow by Anne Whitehead

Pub. list price: $20.00

Our price: $6.99

The riveting biography of Betsy Balcombe, a 19th century celebrity. Betsy was the daughter of a merchant on the island of St. Helena. When Napoleon was exiled there in 1815, he was charmed by the young girl. The relationship she had with him built the foundations for an extraordinary life of celebrity and high society in London and beyond.


The Massey MurderThe Massey Murder by Charlotte Gray

Pub. list price: $22.99

Our price: $7.99

From one of Canada’s preeminent historians, this true crime narrative tells the story of the murder of Charles Massey, one of the wealthiest men in Toronto. In 1915, he was shot at home and his young maid, Carrie Davies, quickly confessed. Her trial, which brought to light issues of privilege, power and class, was a scandalous affair that enthralled the nation.


Writing on the WallWriting on the Wall by Tom Standage

Pub. list price: $27.50

Our price: $7.99

Subtitled Social Media: The First 2000 Years, this book explores the ways people shared information through time. From Ancient Rome through into the American revolution, it was common practice for information to spread via individual, handwritten letters. To shed light on the problems and controversies of the new social media age, Tom Standage looks back to this past.


The WitchesThe Witches by Stacy Schiff

Pub. list price: $38.50

Our price: $8.99

Stacy Schiff is the bestselling author of Cleopatra, her biography of the charismatic ancient queen and the Egypt she ruled. In The Witches, Schiff dives into Salem in 1692 to tell the story of mass hysteria, fabrications, and the courtroom drama that ensued.


Paddle Your Own CanoePaddle Your Own Canoe by Gary & Joanie McGuffin

Pub. list price: $24.95

Our price: $8.99

Fully illustrated with how-to example photographs, this guidebook is everything you need to know to become an expert canoe artist. Topics range from how to choose the right canoe and paddle, to flat vs. whitewater techniques, to safety tips for solo canoeists. The book is a large size paperback illustrated in full colour.


Quick-Fix IndianQuick-Fix Indian by Ruta Kahate

Pub. list price: $18.99

Our price: $8.99

A collection of easy and accessible Indian dishes, this cookbook is perfect both for beginner cooks and experienced chefs hoping to expand their repertoire. 125 recipes are included.


The Big New Yorker Book of CatsThe Big New Yorker Book of Cats by The New Yorker

Pub. list price: $46.00

Our price: $9.99

The perfect gift for all cat lovers! This volume is a collection of published pieces of cat-related writing, cartoons and covers from The New Yorker. Contributors include: Margaret Atwood, E. B. White, Roald Dahl and Haruki Murakami.


RasputinRasputin by Douglas Smith

Pub. list price: $49.00

Our price: $9.99

Cutting through the many legends that have surrounded him since his death, this biography gives the real life story of Grigory Rasputin, the “mad monk” whose debauchery was credited with bringing about the end of the Romanov dynasty. By focusing on Rasputin and how he became close to Tsar Nicholas II and Queen Alexandra, Douglas Smith provides an interesting new perspective on the last days of Imperial Russia.

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